Botanical Printmaking Workshop

Botanical Printmaking Workshop // Sandhills Horticultural Gardens

I enjoy teaching, especially to groups that have very little experience with printmaking, or with art in general. Creating botanical prints is a very easy, fun, rewarding practice that allows to students to learn about color, texture, shape and layout. Without realizing it, they dive head-first into the creative process. The materials include paint, brayers, foam brushes, plant material gathered from trees, vines, weeds, etc, and paper. 

One of my favorite aspects of the workshop is listening to the conversations, exclamations, and surprises the students have. “That’s so pretty! I can’t believe I made that. I want to do more!” or “The texture on this leaf is so detailed! It looks like tiny, little streets.” Students are interested in what others are making. They begin to build a community, sharing ideas, looking at each other’s work, helping each other to overcome challenges. 

The last workshop I taught was at the Sandhills Horticultural Gardens. (If you haven't visited the gardens, you should). I had a wonderful group of students that embraced the process and created vibrant, lovely prints. I heard over and over again, “I can’t wait to do this at home! The kids will love this. Where can I purchase the supplies?” Teaching one generation a way to connect to their artistic side had a wonderful effect—they will now go home and teach a new generation. How great is that?