Organic India Tradeshow Booth

One of my favorite projects from this past year is the Organic India Tradeshow Booth. For the theme of the booth, we chose to use an authentic Indian wedding tent as our muse. The tent was handmade in India by Raj Tent Company, each piece individually crafted. We chose every detail, down to the color of the piping on the pole sleeves. The goal was to create a booth that was branded and functional, but also stayed true to the traditional characteristics of an Indian wedding tent. 


I worked with Organic India to develop a color scheme that represented the vibrancy of the ingredients used in their natural, organic teas (which you should try, because they're wonderful). The color of each piece of fabric, tassels and ink used to construct the tent was derived from the color palette. The pattern on the ceiling was designed to showcase the Organic India logo and hand-pressed by Indian craftsmen before being delivered to the United States. We also created photographic wallpaper featuring the farmers and ingredients to convey the brand story. 

Mood Boards



Colored Rendering

Photographic Wallpaper

Completed Booth